Cultivation Machinery Inventory

8 Row Strip-tillage

(clean, rip, cultivate and compact with fert placement)

5m Atlas Disc Roller

Double row of individually mounted scallop discs followed by a Ring Roller

3m Agrisim Disc, Rip, Roll

Individually mounted scallop Discs, Rippers with scattering action,  and Bar Roller

4m Tyne Plow

With double row ripple discs that cultivate and compact

2x 8 Row Vaderstad Tempo

Maize planters (extreme accuracy)

5m Kuhn Undersower

2x 5m Kuhn Power Harrows

6m 4AG Roll Seeder

Maize Cultivation Options

Round-up spraying 3 wks. prior to cultivation gives you a great single pass cultivation option:

 a.) Strip tillage. Rip, cultivate, placement of fertilizer at desired depth in a 200mm wide cultivate strip for the seed placement. Placing fert at a depth that remains in the moisture zone, keeping fertilizer available to the crop during dry periods. It’s about encouraging the roots down to the moisture before dry conditions arrive.

b.) Double disc, Rip, roll chop with bar roller (one pass operation) – A ripping foot with a unique lifting action that is positioned for the soil to hit the bar roller. Chopping it into a nutty seed bed suitable for planting. The seed bed finish depending on quality of herbicide spraying.

c.) Tineplow is especially engineered to accomplish aeration/cultivation in one process. Its 2 rows of tines work by lifting the soil in order to crack it without altering the soil composition. The vibrating action of the tines ensure a consistent soil loosening. A double ripple roller cultivates and compacts sufficient for moisture retention.

Cultivation 10 days or less after Round-up spraying

d.) Atlas disc cultivator – This equipment is excellent at cutting root mass into small clods working at a shallow depth. It has the weight and aggression to also cultivate at a primary cultivation depth with excellent results. A second pass will give a finer secondary finish. The disc angle creates a much superior action to pull in and cultivate without the Compaction observed from the standard straight axle discs

e.) Power Harrow pass for a finer pass may be desirable if planting small seeds.

Saving Diesel & Money


The best time to smash turf and root mass is when it is still attached to the ground.

Option (b) is the perfect machine. It finely chops the turf while still attached to the ground, Rips to break any hard layer and cultivates the top 50-72mm seed bed.

Option (a) and (c) are an excellent efficient method when the grass root mass has broken down sufficiently.

Option (d) is an excellent 2 pass option if root mass still very dominant.

General Cultivation Options

After crop autumn cultivation: Option (c) The tineplow is perfect as it is ideal to shatter the dry compacted soil and cultivate in one pass for the roll seeding pass.

Fodder crop cultivation: Options (b), (c)& (d) are all excellent machines for these crops depending on turf, ripping & cultivation requirements.

Broken ground requiring some levelling:  Option (d) Atlas Disc Cultivator can be setup to give a very good levelling result on final pass prior to seeding.

Non-Cultivation Seeding

Kuhn under sower; Machine has additional small seed box to allow for main seed box to be used as fertiliser box for fert placement with seed.

General Seeding; 6m roll seeder.

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