Bluegrass Culture

Trust, Cleanliness & Tidiness, Job quality, Enjoyment and Job satisfaction 


To Blue Grass the most important trust is the long-term relationship and enjoyment with our clients.

Clients can always trust BG that all or any operation will be of the highest standards, that care of client property and produce is of the most importance, that all dealings are of fairness and soundness to all concerned.

Blue Grass is about trusting staff 100% until an incident proves otherwise. For BG to operate without trust is totally unacceptable. We believe it is detrimental to other staff member’s moral and safety.

Cleanliness & Tidiness

Cleanliness and tidiness is very important part of BG culture.
Cleanliness and tidiness is about job satisfaction to clients, staff and the Blue Grass team.

  • Its just as easy to operate accurately and correctly as to not.
  • Its more efficient and faster to operate correctly than to not.
  • Its just as easy to return to rightful place, as to the wrong.
  • Its just as easy to do now as to do some time later.

Job Quality

Blue Grass is based on excellence in agriculture. BG as a company enjoys teaching staff operational objectives and skills for every part of an operation.

Understanding the total job objective, from protecting the environment to excellence of product.

Enjoyment & Job satisfaction

Blue Grass as a family, has a philosophy that life is too short to be unhappy, not enjoying your daily work or without job satisfaction. We therefore respect any employee or client who chooses to discontinue their employment or contract and wish them well.