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BlueGrass is about

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BlueGrass is about

the Best, Not the biggest

BlueGrass Contracting Ltd. is a small family business; Brook, John and Sally started in the late 1990’s with an innovative method to cultivate land for the forestry industry.

Blue Grass became involved in the agriculture industry in the early 2000 because of love of Cultivation and Lucerne.

We are now a major Agricultural Contracting company cultivating and harvesting large numbers of hectares in the Waikato/Taupo area. Involving Maize, Grass & Lucerne.

We are very proud of the fact that we are the preferred contractor for many of the large and very high producers in this area. Clients that require guarantee of service and supply, that focus on quality and share our philosophy of excellence.

BlueGrass is about enjoyment and satisfaction of great staff.

We believe we instruct and teach good skills, techniques and safe operating practices.

BlueGrass is about the love of tractors, equipment and new technology.

BlueGrass is about the enjoyment and relationship we get from our clients.

Finally, for us it’s all about job and client satisfaction

Name discovery

The Name BlueGrass

The name BlueGrass was born for our business in 1997 because of our involvement with Blue Gum trees,

Johns attachment to Lucerne as a special crop, which has a blue tinge as the crop matures, and the world renown grass known as ‘blue grass’ in the state of Kentucky for its high-quality horse feed.

We believed one or all of these connections would create a significant image for our company.

Blue Grass Contracting Ltd. mission statement is: EXCELLENCE IN AGRICULTURE

Blue Grass Contracting Ltd. is a certified and registered member of RCNZ (Rural Contractors NZ)

Blue Grass was registered as a limited liability company in 2002.

Blue Grass Contracting Ltd. has an AIP (Application in principal) number with Immigration NZ.

Blue Grass Contracting Ltd. has strict OHS policies and operating procedures.

BG annual harvest of bulk silage is approx. 8000 ha of Grass, 3000 ha Lucerne, & 1600 ha Maize.

Blue Grass Contracting Ltd. machinery inventory list demonstrating our range of services. It is innovative and a leader of environmental cultivation techniques (see machinery inventory from main menu).